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Our new campervan called Poppy

Our red campervan Poppy with view of Bardsey island

It’s just 6 weeks until we open for business with our first bookings in May, with this in mind Jon and I set to work trawling the internet for a potential 3rd classic VW campervan to join our 2 retro girls, Nell and Bessie.

The thing about looking for VW campervans, is that most are located a long way away in Cornwall, an area synonymous with both surf culture, and the VW vanlife but luck was with us and we found two potential gems closer to home, in the North West of England.

So, one Saturday after our youngest’s coaching session at Liverpool’s Climbing Hangar we traveled on to Lancashire to view a 1971 blue and white, early Bay. This camper was lovely, sound, and offered a lot of potential, and as we drove away to look at the 2nd campervan we were excited and tempted but all thoughts were blown away when we met Poppy.

Early T2 1971 bay came=pervan, we almost bought!

Poppy is a retro stunner, in ‘poppy’ red and pastel white, she is a late 1973 Westfalia Bay and interior is all colour coordinated to match. Poppy is 4-berth but can take 5 with her on holiday, as her rear seat will safely seat 3 with seat-belts for all. The rear seat is a full width, rock and roll bed and there is a cosy, 2nd double bed in her pop-up roof. Her interior is modern, with light oak cupboards with a 2 ring hob, grill, fridge and sink and that all important blue-tooth audio system. We think that The CamperShak who kitted her out have done a fantastic job and those of you who take Poppy on holiday will hopefully agree.

Poppy will be available to hire for you holidays in June.

It's Poppy!

10 interesting facts about Poppies

1. Persian literature cites red corn poppies as the flower of love

2. Poppies are considered a symbol of both sleep and death.  According to Greek and Roman mythology, poppies were used on tombstones to symbolize eternal sleep. They also symbolize the blood for fallen soldiers on the battlefields of war

3. During World War One, the poppies disappeared because of the trampling and bombing of the battlefields.  The destruction actually stopped them from growing for four full seasons.  After the war was over the poppy began to bloom again. According to reports this historical growth was spectacular, with 2,500 poppy seeds per square foot found

4. The Poppy Campaign in Canada was inspired by Canadian Colonel John McCrae’s famous poem In Flanders Fields and by American Moina Michael who pledged a year prior to wear a poppy as a symbol of the fallen

5. The first official Legion Poppy Day was held in Britain on November 11, 1921.  The adoption of the Flanders Poppy as the official Flower of Remembrance was inspired by John McCrae in his poem In Flanders Fields

6. A field of 888,246 poppies was displayed at Tower Bridge n Armistice Day, November 11 2017. The number represents the number of Commonwealth soldiers killed in the First World War

7. Enormous poppy fields feature in both the film and book version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – a chapter in the book itself is even entitled ‘The Deadly Poppy Field

8. The poppy’s use in medicine was reworked in George R.R.Martin’s Game of Thrones – where a medicine entitled ‘milk of the poppy’ is used

9. Poppies are mildly toxic to cats and dogs

10. Poppy was the 11th most popular name for a baby girl in England and Wales in 2018

11. Not all poppies are red. They also come in yellow, orange, and other colours.

Poppies: Weeping Window by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper at Caernarfon Castle in rememberance

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